Pirates star spends R24 000 on a single item and his team mate roast him

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Orlando Pirates comprises of players that are well paid when compared to other teams in the Premier Soccer League (PSL). This is visible on their spending habits which they flash on social media. One would question the items that Pirates players buy, knowingly that a football career doesn't have longevity. At the sametime one might argue that they're working hard to get thousands of rands each month and they can spend it anywhere they like. At the sametime, there has been numerous Pirates players in the past that have came out to express their regrets when it comes to their spending habits. As they bought things that were nothing, but a liability to them in the longer run.

Nevertheless, the Buccaneers star Zakhele Lepasa has splashed a whopping R24 000 on a brand new iPhone. As he's constantly active on Instagram and this would help him take amazing pictures. The crazy thing is that his team mate Linda Mntambo roasted him for this purchase. As they know each other very well and surely they will have more pictures of each other on the new iPhone. The Bucs striker felt that it's necessary to spoil himself as he took a shot left to iStore to buy himself an iPhone 13 which is worth R23 899. Stoked by the reveal, Mntambo could not help but roast him. "Finally Zakhele Lepasa bought himself a phone. This calls for celebration, over the weekend we are slaughtering a sheep," the attacker wrote on Instagram.

In this day and age, it's visible that iPhone is the most trusted brand when it comes to technology, even though it's very pricey. Most footballers buy it as it will accommodate their player status amongst the team mates. On top of that some players just love the brand, due to the its enormous space and camera quality.

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