Look what "Teen wolf" casts look like now.


Barely two years off the show it seems like they have gone for a while now

The casts have been updating their pages on Instagram for a while now, and below are some photos of how they look these days,

Here are photos of Scott McCall, Stiles, Lydia, Milia Hale, Laim, Peter Hale, Drake Hale, Isaac, Boyd, and others.

Scott McCall

The true Alpha, the definition of pure good will, he proved that not all bad guys a truly bad, that some need second chance,


The best friend, the brainy one, he always has a solution when ever a problem poops out.

Peter Hale

The self claimed Alpha, always manipulative,



The anger maniac, Scott's beta,


The banshee,

Melissa McCall

The kind hearted nurse that cares for everyone.

The Hale's were coyote

Peter's daughter

And some other casts also who never thought to see again




Drake Hale

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