Senior Police Officer Goes Mad After Coming Back to Work From Leave


A senior police officer from the County of Garrisa, in Ijara Sub-County is said to have gone insane when he came back from his leave. The police officer is said to have come back from his annual leave on the 21st of June this year.

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When he came back from leave, his colleagues started noticing odd behavior in the officer. His general dressing style has considerably changed since he came back from leave.

He is also said to have developed an incoherent form of speech and was always sleepy even while on duty. He also displayed violent behavior and this is when the other officers had to step in and help out one of their own.

Insanity is a mental health disorder that can affect anyone but is treatable with time. The senior police officer, identified as SSP Justin Nyaga was rushed this morning, July 11th to Garrisa General Hospital where he was sedated.

He will be transfered to Nairobi in the coming days so that his situation can be monitored more closely by experts. Cases of mental health issues in the police force have been on the rise in recent past and the government through the Ministry of Interior Security had been asked to step in and help out our police officers.

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