Avoid These Things When You Newly Meet A Girl.


There are several things that piss the opposite sex off in a relationship.Yu maybe wondering why women keep on leaving you after they get to know you a bit ,despite how you love them–this is a problem which many have been into ,but if you can avoid these things you will definitely experience this not again. If this has happened to you or it keeps on happening to you,you know that you need some oil to make your way in them so smooth.

Here are the things that can actually make a woman to turn off from you.

1. Some guys go about claiming to own a lot at the first meeting just to successfully trap the girl from leaving. There's this belief that girls like rich dudes , so this saying makes a lot of dudes go hire expensive cars claiming it's theirs , or claiming to have investments in several cities . Many people think they can woo girls with this but they can actually make the girl lose interest instead. A lot of girls don't like people who claim to own the world and this can make them turn off from you.

2. Sexually obsessed:No girl would ever want to be a sex toy. There's no how old or young a relationship would be that would ever make a girl accept this fate–this doesn't work for everybody , though but a lot of women get pissed off when they feel they're used as a sex doll.

3.Dressing sense and rationality: A poor dressing-sense can turn a girl off . A girl would want her man to always look good and ready to stand for her in anywhere. The reason a girl would always want to come see you at night is because of your poor dressing and this is one of the greatest reasons girls would turn off or never give you what you desire.

4. Attention: Giving a woman no attention or little attention would actually make them behave strangely .No matter how busy you are , try to give them a bit of your time and try to make them seem important to you. Don't ever make them feel less important. 

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