7 Worst Words A Woman Can Say To The Man She Loves

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Ladies, there are certain words you are not supposed to say, especially to the man you love or consider your soul mate. These words can be very demoralizing. If you love your man, you will never hurt his feelings with your words. Instead, you'll try to support and love him.

In order to avoid demoralizing your man, here are seven worst words you can say to the man you love:

1. "He was better than you"

It doesn't matter whether it's emotionally, financially or physically. The worst thing a woman can say to a man to crush his self-esteem is to implant in his mind that he is missing something. "MY EX WAS BETTER THAN YOU. What did I ever see in you? My parents were right about you." It would push him into a circle of questioning, and let me tell you, it's downright painful. The moment you say it, it's gone, forever!

2. "You are not trustworthy"

When a "man" does something for a woman he loves, he does it with his heart. But if a woman avoids it, it really hurts. Without knowing what the situations are, if a woman says "you are not trustworthy", it breaks a man's soul.

3. "I love your mother. But ... "Never make him choose sides.

4. "He was better in bed than you." Other than their father, any sort of comparison is a man from their past.

5. "Please accept the dowry"

In my opinion, this statement can shatter a man's self-esteem. This shows that the woman does not trust the man enough to provide for her needs and has to depend on gifts from her family. Easily the worst thing to say to any man, in my opinion.

6. "A part of me will always love you"

Said by a girl to her boyfriend before getting married at her parents' choice.

The worst part is that she didn't even try to convince or mention the guy she was ditching for someone else. This word can be demoralizing for most men.

7. You are a nice guy, but

Anything that starts out well and ends with a "but" is a huge inconvenience to men. For example, I think you are cute but... or I really love you but, etc.

Women, please STOP IT. Don't complain that there aren't any cool guys there. So you'd rather go out with a guy who fucks you? Is that lying to you? Are you cheating on it? That laughs at you, then laughs?

Dear women, please take these things into consideration and avoid telling the man you love.

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