Raila Names Two Politician To Be Blamed For Chaos And Storming Of His Chopper in Usain Gishu

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ODM leader Raila Odinga has strongly Condemned Chaos, mayhem and Disruption of his Rallies in Usain Gishu county. Through a press statement the Opposition narrates the sad ordeal where his chopper was storned by unknown people leading to damage of it's Air shield.

He argues that his biggest mistake was to attend the send off ceremony of his long time Mzee Jackson Kibor. He Believes that Freedom of Speech, association should be protected as they paid heavy prize to usher in multi party. He links to today's events to That what was witnessed in 2007 Post Election violence.

He has blamed Governor Jackson Mandago and soy Caleb Kostinay for the incident. He has urged Them to come out and criticize the henious act in order to avoid political zoning by allowing everyone to Sell their agenda and Ideas.

However, he's optimistic that the August Polls Wil be peaceful, Free and fair for prosperity of this nation

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