Reasons Why The Young Jewish Exiles Refuse To Eat The King's Food.

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According to the book of Daniel 1:1-21, the King of Babylon Nebuchadnezzar takes all the best educated Israelites away to Babylon. Afterward the king chooses from among them the most handsome and smartest young men. Four of these are the boys you see above. Their names are Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

The King plans to train the young men to serve in his palace. After three years of training he will choose only the smartest ones to help him to solve problems. The king wants the boys to be strong and healthy while they are being trained. So he gives orders that his servants should give all of them the same rich food and wine that he and his family receive.

Daniel the leader among the young men told the king that he does not want to eat the rich things from the king's table. But Ashpenaz who is one of the king's servant was worried. The king has already decided what you are to eat and drink, he tells Daniel and his friends.

So Daniel goes to the servant in charge of him and his friends and informed him to put them to the test for 10days and after he should compare them to the others kids who ate from the King's table. During these 10 days they will only eat fruits and vegetables. The servant agrees to do this. And when the 10 days are up, Daniel and his three friends look healthier than all the other young men. So the servant lets them to continue to eat fruits and vegetables.

The young men were educated in the law of Moses which forbid them to to eat certain foods like pork, some types of fishes and birds. Probably the Babylonian foods contains some of the foods forbidden by the Mosaic law.


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