Defending Champions With An Outstanding Victory In The 2021 NSMQ Eastern Regional Championship


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The Eastern Regional Championship took off today, June 4, 2021 and saw 19 schools compete for the ultimate trophy.

The defending champions, St. Peter's SHS faced Abuakwa State College, Okuapeman School and WBM Zion SHS. Prior to the contest, St. Peter's SHS were the favourites to win the contest but a very huge point gap was part of the expectations.

St. Peter SHS started the contest on a very good note which earned the school a maximum 31 points at the end of Round 1, 25 more than the 2nd placed school, Abuakwa State College. The contestants expressed their speeding abilities in the 2nd Round to add 19 points to the already accumulated points.

The 3rd Round was not the best since the school failed to correctly answer some of the questions and could only earn 7 out of 16 points. The school answered three riddles correctly which earned them 9 points. This enabled the school to end the contest with 66 points, 50 points more than the 2nd placed school.

The defending champions are en route to defend their title. Let's see what happens in the school's subsequent contests.

Congratulations to St. Peter's SHS on winning the contest. See you in the next round.

Will St. Peter's SHS win this year's edition of the Eastern Regional Championship? Kindly leave your comments below. Thanks for reading the article.