7 Gorgeous Photos Of Media Personality Amber Ray

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Amber Ray ,the gorgeous lady is headstrong and no matter the circumstances. Many people know Amber as a socialite but over the years she has grown to become a brand. She additionally promotes her business herself by how she dresses and impresses her viewers. Talk about strategic marketing. She is well grounded to be distracted by naysayers. The beautiful lady is headstrong and no matter the circumstances she always stands still. She is among Kenyan Celebrities who have moved from grass to fame through hardwork and determination. 

Apart from that, Amber loves enjoying life to the fullest by holding parties, driving nicest cars and having her best moments at the biggest hotels. She always advices netizens that “Life is for the living” and so we should live it happily. She considers herself a brand. She has taken time to build up her brand. Using this she endorses other brands and charges them quite an amount. This is because her huge following and f an-base who turn into viable customers and make sales from the endorsed brands.

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