How Neymar Has Mistaken Dribbling To Be A Sign Of Greatness

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Neymar dos Santos Junior is arguably one of the best players in the last decade. Made the top three list of the best football players in the world at Barcelona. Things suddenly changed for Neymar since he stepped his feet at Paris Saint Germaine. He broke the MSN trilogy and also changed his mindset about football.

Ney doesn't really care about the scoreline, all that matters to him is getting some highlights of how he had humiliated some defenders and players. Of course, that's what the media loves to see and it promotes the video marketers' businesses. But in the reality, he's losing the respect that has been accorded to him by football fans.

He has mistaken dribbling to be the only sign of greatness. An unpleasant principle that has dragged him back in the last few years. When Neymar gets the ball, he slows down the rhythm of the game waiting for who he could dribble past before he charges on into the box. Football has evolved into a more perfect game, not like the Ronaldo and Ronaldinho era. When you dribble past the first person, the next two players in line won't let you go easily.

Have you ever wondered why Neymar picks up injuries frequently, he gets knocked off with bad tackles by irate defenders. This should have taught him a lesson that not every player loves it when you are humiliating them with your flicks and step-over skills. Not all football fans love that style of play because, at the end of the day, the scoreboard is all that matters to everyone.

Comparing Neymar to Salah would be disrespectful because the Egyptian star has more goal ratio and effectiveness on the pitch than Neymar in the last four years. Salah seems to be completing more of these dribbles than Neymar from his wing. Without being bias, if we are going to name three top players in Europe currently, it would be Messi, Ronaldo, and Salah. Neymar has fallen down the pecking order by paying more attention to dribbling on the pitch. 

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