17years Boy who live in Sefwi Murders his own biological mother over Sim card - Pictures


Young boy living in Sewhi kills his mother over Sim card, according to report the 17 years old boy mother took is Sim card and hid it for awhile. This boy ask the mother if she has taken his Som card she should give it to him, but her mother refused to do so.

According to source, the mother was playing with child till her child got angry and murder her Own biological mother.

From Sources, this women is just 58 years old, whom his biological Son has taken his life.

From sources, the is boy got angry hit the mother guard with metal till her mother pass On.

From investigation, the boy fathers and one witness Immediately send the boy to police station for investigation.

According to report, the body of the boys mother has been put to mortuary for further prosmotive.

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