How To Avoid Unnecessary Medical- Bill For The Rest Of Your Life

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As I usually tell you that, what you put into your mouth determines your health status in the nearest future.

As important as that statement is, it is even more pertinent to consider putting health-enhancing food like raw herb into the mouth early in the morning.

Never listen to any media that advice you to neglect intake of raw herb. They are only protecting the economy interest of the state.

Even, before been cajoled by civilization, natural herbs has always being a compatible food for homosapien(modern human).

Our ancestors used to have strong body , and experienced long living courtesy of herbs consumption.

Friends, it is of more sensible if you make it a practice in your life by taking natural herb in the morning before eating manufactured or cooked food.

Try this for just five days and see high improvement in your health and energy level.

Take note, make sure you are taking edible herbs and take the right dose. Example of edible and medicinal leaves like Bitter leaf, scent leaf, wild lettuce, mint leaf and many others. All you needs to do is to squeeze any of the leaves above, then drink first thing in the morning.

 If you can get this right, no doubt, you will be free from unnecessary medical-bill for the rest of your life. 

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