Government Reveals New Details About Huduma Namba Data

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Huduma Namba was introduced in the country some few years ago. The card contains personal information which includes, the date of birth, ID number, fingerprints and many others information which must kept as confidential. Futhermore, more than 1 million Kenyans have received their cards in the country.

According to the source, new tough measures have been issued by the government to all Kenyans. It have been reported that, any person who will give fake information when registering huduma Namba will be fine or jailed for three years. Futhermore, any Kenyans who manage to reveal other people's personal information will be fined or jailed.These are good news to all Kenyans because Huduma Namba contains confidential information that should be keep secret and should not shared to anyone. Futhermore, it will be a huge blow to any Kenyan who will give fake information because he or she may end in jail if he fail to pay millions of money as fine.

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