COVID-19 raising rapidly in Germany, Minister of Health warn

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Jens Spahn

Jens Spahn Germany's health minister said that the country may get jabbed according to increasingly number of COVID-19 cases.

Spahn has issued serious warning and talked on importance of people getting vaccinated on their nation.

The information of Mr. Jens Spahn to the Berlin news conference, he said before the end of this winter all people in Germany will be vaccinated, recovered or dead, either.

Germany covid cases are rising more than it has ever been in recent past months and so many hospitals are full of patients having the coronavirus.

It was recommended that only 68 percent are fully vaccinated which has made the country to be one of the lowest vaccination on Western Europe.

30,643 new infections was recorded in the past 24 hours which is categorized among rates of world's highest.

The minister warned that the 16 million Moderna doses could get expired if they are not used in the next few months.

At least 99,000 people have died in Germany since the start of coronavirus pandemic.

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