5 Things Men Do That Women Hate

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When it comes to dealing with the opposite sex, men needs to be very careful in the kind of things they do. Often times, most men do a lot of things that women don't seem to like, but the pay little or no attention to them. It will not be wise to assume that these ladies must like you when you are not doing the right thing. In this article, we will be looking at five things men do that women do not like. 

1. Bad hygiene :

Women do not like men who fail to take care of themselves. This implies that as a grown up man, you need to smell good and dress well too. You must pay attention to your body. Buy and wear good products that will make women attracted to you. 

2. Laziness :

Women do not have any business with men that are not serious minded. As long as you spend most of your time doing nothing, women will despise you. Get out of your bed and get yourself something doing. 

3. Bragging :

When you engage in a conversation, do not brag. Nothing turns a woman off than seeing a man who brags. Shape your words carefully and answer questions when ask. Don't say things that you were not asked. Let your accomplishments speak for themselves. 

4. Jealousy:

Don't be the guy who will always call and text your girlfriend all the time. Trust and honesty are important in any relationship. You do not need to follow her around and get angry when you see her talking with another man. Doing this will make her go far away from you. 

5. Inconsistency :

Women can't stand it when you are one thing today and another thing tomorrow. She should not find out that you are one thing to her and another to your friends. Make her know what you stand for and who you are. Inconsistency will make her distrust you and what you say. 

If you are guilty of the above, you should know that woman do not like them. Do well to change and be a better man. Feel free to share your opinion in the comment box below. Thanks

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