Fiction: He raped me now he wants these things from me


When I came to Accra I met this guy that we go to the same church. He liked me and had friends that lived in the same area I was then.

Whenever I'm passing because of the way I dress, they felt I'm a bad girl, so they plotted him against me since he has money and from a nice home.

We became friends so because of me, he will come to our house and pick us to church and bring us back

One day he invited me to his house and he forcefully slept with me cos he didn't believe the way I look, I can be a virgin

He took my virginity. I cried for weeks, cursed him and wanted to kill him because he took my pride.

He came and apologize with his friends and family so he asked even if I don't want him we should be friends.

This guy took me like his own blood he can give me money like 6k, bought phone for me and my mother.

He always sends my mother money. He spent so much on me that nobody has ever done. It got to a time that I have to stop him from all that

It's been five years now that he took my virginity through rape.

He just came to my shop crying like a baby. He said he can't love anybody. That in all his relationships he can't show love because I'm always on his mind.

He's begging me to marry him, but this is someone I never love even though he took my virginity. He's begging me to love him. He isn't a bad person he's so cool and from a very rich home but I don't know why I can't love him.

He can drive all the way to my village just to see my mom, so my mom loves him so much but me, I don't and they both know this, but they are still forcing me cause they feel I will be loved and taken care of.

My question is can love be developed?

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