OPINION: Why Lionel Messi's Dribbling Differs From Other Players

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A blend of cleverness and vision, Messi's dribbling is a joy to watch. If you are familiar with Messi's attacks, you will know that most of the time, it appears as like he is simply racing up the field, and this is because he is doing so.

The majority of players dribble the ball to where they want it to go. Unlike the majority of them, Messi does not waste time determining where the ball should be. He anticipates how the ball will move and moves in tandem with it, and this is where trickery and vision come into play. With each step he takes to keep up with the ball, he ensures that the ball rolls and runs at a consistent rate depending on the scenario, and he gives the ball nudges and directional boosts as the opposing defence gets closer. This not only causes the ball to go in a more leisurely manner, but it also causes the defenders' tempo to shift unintentionally. Messi's bizarre perception of ball mechanics tricks defenders into believing the ball is heading their way, causing them to commit to the ball and score a goal.

Messi's low centre of gravity is by far the most important factor in explaining why his dribbling style is so distinct and distinguishes him from other players. The fact that his centre of gravity is low means that even at fast speeds, he maintains better balance and stability when dribbling the basketball. This, in fact, allows him to be more agile than the others, allowing him to make swift and sharp twists and turns in his movements. This allows him to accelerate and decelerate in rapid succession in a matter of fractions of a second.

Messi's ability to maintain close control of the ball is another characteristic that distinguishes him. On the ball, Messi will rarely use a heavy touch, as evidenced by his recent performances. When he touches the ball, he is quite sensitive. In response to receiving the ball, he attempts to diminish the momentum of the ball by lengthening the period of contact with the ball, in accordance with Newton's Second Law of Motion. As well as using the flicks and shoulder drops that cause confusion for defenders, he also adds a certain elegance to his dribbling by using them frequently.

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