Upendo Wa Ruto" Photo Showing DP Ruto Holding A Child While in Coastal Region

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Deputy President William Ruto was at the coast of Kenya today spreading his ambitions of 2022 including his agendas. DP Ruto has been the most popular person here in Kenya because of how good he plays politics.

In his visit, he was accompanied by UDA members especially from the coastal region of Kenya. DP Ruto has left people talking well over him because of how is helping vulnerable families, churches, and youths in Kenya.

As DP Ruto was in Mombasa he has left a surprise behind after holding a child who he champions. This is not the first time Dp Ruto is holding children or talking with the children. He has been spotted on many occasions, charming with children and this is one way of showing that DP Ruto is a great father who even regards children.

Ruto also engages with Mombasa residents taking pictures with couples of families and the people of Mombasa.

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