WHO Has Confirmed More than 70 Cases of Monkey Pox Reported in Europe

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Monkeypox is an infection that goes viral that had past been spotted in some parts of West and Central Africa. From Nairobi news, "about 80 cases of the infection have been confirmed in European countries." According to the WHO organization, scientists are on their feet to investigate the outbreak, despite the suspicion of more cases to be reported in the coming months.

From a statement noted by WHO, 80 cases have been reported and confirmed, while the other 50 reported cases are under investigation. Some of the symptoms include swollen lymph nodes, fever, and muscle pain. According to WHO, the transmission of the infection occurs mainly when one is in close contact with animals such as rodents and monkeys, and it is not common among people.

The US body has urged anyone who feels they are at a high risk of contracting the infection to be in isolation for at least 21 days. Despite the spread among people being limited, as per the US centers for disease control and prevention, any affected person can spread the infection to others through coming in contact with body fluids, infection sores, or sharing of items e.g. clothing and bedding.

The virus is considered the next coronavirus that might heat the world hard.

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