Here are 6 Funny South African December memes that may make you laugh. Opinion.

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It's finally December and we are slowly making our way to Christmas. However this can be a strange time as so many different things are happening. So while we wait to sort everything out before Christmas day, here are six December memes that South Africans can relate to. Hit the share button to share the laughter with your friends.

This is how it is for most of us, the most money we will ever spend on an outfit is usually for our December clothes and become anxious to wear them. We almost can't wait for Christmas day to show off what we bought.

When work ends in December we do not want to think about it again until January. If someone tries to get us to do work, we are going to have a serious problem with them.

These people are what you call freeloaders. They either do not want to spend their money, or their broke. So they wait until someone else buys everything so they can drink with them. We all have a friend like this in our group. I think this December we need to make them take out a loan and pay for us.

This is going to happen a lot during December, because this is the time when families come to visit. You will find uncle's, auntie's and cousins you haven't seen in years pop into your life to say hello.

While this is a little bit funny, I actually haven't seen Jehovah witnesses in so many years and I'm just wondering if they are okay.

All of these memes were shared in good faith and are not meant to offend anyone. Tell me if you thought they were funny or not down in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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