Doctor Reveals Why You Should Stop Using Saliva as Lubricant Again, Shares What You can Use

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Medical advice from A Popular Nigeria Doctor, please Publish this for Nigerians to learn from it.

Health is wealth, you don't need to visit a hospital to get medical advice in this internet age, what you need is to contact a Qualified Doctor online or follow their Social Media pages to get daily medical advice.

The Popular social media, Doctor Aproko has shared a medical advice on Twitter this morning which I think people need to know about it. He talked about why people should stop using saliva as a lubricant when they want to meet their partner and shared what they can use as a lubricant to replace saliva.

Doctor Aproko said some people spit on their hands and use it to lubricate the passage during meeting on bed, he has advised them to stop it because STD like Herpes can be transmitted by doing that, even if protection is used.

He said you can get a water-based lubricant.

Read his full text in the screenshot below:

Please always following medical advice to safe yourself from any STD diseases that can be transmitted from one person to another.

Kindly share this medical advice on all social media for people to read it.

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