He Is Not The One To Come To Your Rescue- Kelvin Taylor Tells Ghanaians

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Kelvin Taylor has spoken to Ghanaians on the Npp and Ndc brouhaha that seems to have no end in this country. For obvious reasons, we have seen the loud silence host and CEO chastise the members of parliament from the majority as well as the president, his excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. Whiles doing so, he has praised the Ndc and has made positive comments about them almost every time whiles chastising the Npp.

Recently, he used his media platform as one of the broadcasting networks for an address by the former president and the Ndc to the entire country and had his name mentioned at this event. He seems to be enjoying the fame that comes with supporting the Ndc as well and the name chants that he gets from supporting the Ndc. Amid all these, he had on countless occasions called out very respected people in this country who he thinks are backing the president and are scared to speak the truth.

Kelvin Taylor says just as people suffer abuse, Ghanaians are also being abused without their knowledge and we will be far behind before we realize what needs to be done. He stated that Nana Addo is old and this is probably affecting his decisions and this is something that all Ghanaians should learn from. After using series of harsh words on his platform, he revealed that our savior as Ghanaians is not this president nor his government.

Kelvin Taylor says Mahama did better and as at now, he is the only one who he thinks can take Ghana somewhere safer. And his reasons were just simple. He said, Mahama should be given the opportunity to finish what he started before it is too late for Ghanaians, as you can see, Npp and Nana Addo have failed and he is not the one to come to your rescue. Kelvin Taylor also announced that the next elections will have numbers that have never been seen in the history of elections in this country and urges all Ghanaians to sit back and watch the d-day.

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