Some of the Super Players who have Scored 5 Goals in a Single match


The European leagues are rated to be the best, and playing in this leagues is very difficult. Their are some players who have managed to score 5 Goals and above in a Single match. Some of the players who have managed to score 5 goals and above in a Single match include.

Robert Lewandoswki

This man has the record of scoring 5 goals in just 9 minutes. In September 2015, this machine entered the field as a substitute on the second half with his team one goal behind. Wolfsburg were leading but in Lee's than 9 minutes things changed and Bayern were leading 5 - 1 by the help of Robert who scored all the goals in only 9 minutes. He scored the first goal in the 51th minute and the last goal of his five goals in the 60th minute. He broke the

record of becoming the highest scoring substitute in the Bundesliga history.

Sergio Aguero

In the year 2015 Manchester city had a match against Newcastle and city trashed Newcastle 6 - 1. Manchester city managed to hammer Newcastle 6 - 1 by the help of Sergio Kun Aguero. Aguero scored 5 goals in the 6 gaols that Aguero scored.

Dimitar Berbatov

On 27th of November 2010 Manchester United trashed Blackburn 7 - 1. The season 2010 - 2011 Berbatov proved to be one of the best centre forwards that United ever had. He scored five goals in the 7 - 1victory of United, this season was good for him since he was the top scorer of the English league that season. That match helped him to become the Top scorer since he scored a quarter of his total goals in that season on this one match.

Cristiano Ronaldo

He scored 5 goals for the first time in his career when Real Madrid played a match against Granada. Real Madrid trashed Granada 9 - 1 and Cristiano scored 5 goals of the 9 goals that Real Madrid scored.

Lionel Messi

Messi made history by becoming the first player to score 5 Goals in a Champions League match. Messi trashed Bayern Leverkusen 5 goals in a match that Barcelona won 7 - 1 at their home stadium Camp Nou in the year 2012.He did this when he was just 24 years old.