I want to quit going to church since no one can explain these two bible verses to me


Sometimes we need to put aside spiritual understandings and face matters with common knowledge as they are and ask questions when or if we do not understand something.

Some verses in the Bible sometimes have very similar meaning and we the low biblical scholars sometimes get confused when trying to interpret them to our own understanding.

The story of the death of Goliath and as to who killed him has become a very big matter that has bordered my mind for some time now as to who is the original slayer of the giant from gath.

Two verses in the Bible total contradict one another and I will like to see if there will be any one who can help explain these two verses to my understanding for me to know the true person who killed Goliath as seen in the Bible.

The verse 1samuel 17:50 explains the prowess and faith young david used in killing Goliath by using a catapult and a smooth stone to shoot at his head and proceeded to cut of his head with a sword.

There was no where in that verse that explains any other person helping or assisting him neither did David bear any other name apart from the one he was born with.

In the second verse which is 2samuel 21:19 speaks of Goliath being killed by another person called el hanan and this totally contradicts the initial death of Goliath in 1samuel 17:50.

Also in Goliath had died in the initial verse such is 1samuel 17:50 where then did the Goliath elhanan kill one 2samuel 21:19 come from, I am sure you’re as confused as I also am.

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