The Man Who Broke The World Record.

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Jon Brower Minnoch broke the world record for being the heaviest person after weighing in at 1,400 pounds. At the age of 12, he weighed over 294 pounds. Ten years later, he added another hundred pounds.

By the time he was 25, he reached nearly 700 pounds, and ten years later weighed 975 pounds.

Jon Brower was born in Bainbridge Island, Washington, and had been obese throughout his childhood, but it wasn’t until his weight started to rapidly increase that doctors began to notice how big his problem was. Along with the massive amount of extra weight he was carrying, Minnoch was beginning to experience complications related to his weight, such as congestive heart failure and edema.

He was admitted to the University Hospital in Seattle for cardiac failure as a result of his weight in 1978. It took more than a dozen firemen, and one specially modified stretcher to even get him to the hospital. Once there it took 13 nurses to get him into a special bed, which was essentially two hospital beds pushed together.

Surprised by his size, the doctor immediately put him on a strict diet, limiting his food intake to 1,200 calories a day maximum. For a while, the diet was successful and within a year, he had lost more than 924 pounds, down to 476. At the time, it was the largest human weight loss ever documented.

However, after four years, he was back to 796, having put back on roughly half of his weight loss.

Despite his extreme size, Jon Brower Minnoch’s life was relatively normal. In 1978, when he broke the record for highest weight, he got married, and broke another record for the greatest difference in weight between a married couple. his wife weighed just over 110 pounds. The couple went on to have two children.

Unfortunately, Jon passed away at the age of 42, due to his overweight, However his legacy lives on, as for the past 40 years no one has been able to break his set record.

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