"1400 Ksh Is very Expensive" Netizens' reaction to Betty Kyalo Charges at Her Spa

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Betty Kyalo is not only a stunning beauty but also a lady who is stylish and classy. She is a media personality, celebrity, content creator, News anchor and a business woman. She owns her own spur in Nairobi called Flair by Betty as she uploads great videos of herself in her youtube and tiktok accounts.

She earlier on took to her instagram account an offer her spur would be giving throughout the weekend for men as she kept urging women to treat their men for this manicure experience at her spur. She gave the price of 1400 ksh where it will involve a full manicure and a haircut combined. Netizens went ahead to react on her those charges as most of them saw it to be very expensive. Some of them saw it as a good gesture since it will be during this weekend holidays especially because of Ramadhan.

What do you think Of Betty Kyalo's Manicure charges?

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