"I Feel Blessed" Mike Sonko Responds to The Lady Who Has Gone to Court To Sue Him For Child Support

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A woman has reportedly dragged Mike Sonko to court alleging that the controversial politician neglected his parental duties of their 15-year-old daughter. Therefore, she wants Mike Sonko to pay KSH. 450,000 monthly for child upkeep.

In his response, the former governor has showed no sign of regret or disappointed in that case. He has requested the woman to take the child to him the same way her other two children were taken away by her ex husband.

"I feel happy and blessed adopting orphans, street children and neglected kids in my home. Hiyo part ya Mtu kukutoanisha pesa alafu anaenda sherehe ya muguka 24/7 ndio hatuelewani kabisa." Mike Sonko said.

Mike Sonko went ahead to say that even if the child is not his he will be privileged to take care of her and if it is possible the child should be taken to him as soon as possible. He has urged other women who have children and they can't take care of them to stop mistreating them.

Instead, they should take the children to him since he can take care of them. He ends his statement by saying that being Mike Sonko is very hard. It remains unclear on what will happen after Mike Sonko made his declaration. From the look of things, the woman's expectations have totally been destroyed.

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