5 natural ways to solve premature ejaculation.


Most people usually hide problems about them that has to do with reproduction. They either keep their problems to themselves than voice it out to get help.

Among the many problems is the premature ejaculation that men experience. A great number of them have this issue but won't speak out to get help for fear of resentment, embarrassment and what have you.

Well in this article, will take a look at some few things you can do to help yourself if your uncomfortable saying this to someone.

It is said that tackling health related issues is best when it done naturally. Therefore let's take a look at some natural foods that can help you.

1. Banana: Bananas are said to help replenish low levels of glucose. They also contain libido enhancing minerals and enzymes for men. Regular intake of bananas makes you ready anytime for a night of passion.

2. Eggs: eggs are rich in protein, making them the number one protein provider, there for they are potent source of cholesterol and their yolks are rich in vitamins D, the perfect kick you need to regulate calcium levels and produce higher levels of testosterone because they help muscle growth.

3. Apples: apples are said to aid circulation. The inflammation of the prostrate gland is called prostatitis, now this prostatitis causes pain during ejaculation and testicular discomfort. Regular in take of apples helps in better circulation to prevent prostatitis.

4. Wine: red wine is said to release dopamine in your brain to help boost your s3x life.

5. Meat: they contain carnitine, zinc and other minerals that contain amino acids. It is known that this amino acids also play a role in boosting s3x stamina by improving blood flow in the system.

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