Apart from trading Bitcoin, check out another investment Opportunity that is lucrative.

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Apart from trading Bitcoin, check out another Investment Opportunity that Is lucrative.

The ban on all forms of crypto currency transactions by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) came as a shocking News to most Nigerians yesterday. It Is an open secret that a large swathe of Nigerian youths are deeply Invested In Crypto currency business.

Nigerians need not worry again as there Is another lucrative Investment opportunity which Is very lucrative. This is Real Estate Investment. Investing In landed properties Is a very sure way to earn good money In the country.

Prince Omoha Nduka, a successful entrepreneur and a business coach, has urged Nigerians not to be bothered about the highly risky Crypto currency trading as Real Estate Investment warns one a passive Income with less risks and an Increment In one's asset. Check out the screenshot below;

One can make a lot of money from the Real Estate Business by;

-- Owning rental properties and managing the tenants by oneself.

-- Investing with Real Estate Investment Groups (REIGs). These Investment groups can help one Invest the money In landed properties without the Investor through any trouble about managing It.

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