No One Will Ever Engage In Galamsey After Hearing This Bad News - Heartbroken Ghanaians React


Some Ghanaians who were heartbroken by this bad news has reacted, and they made it known that no one will ever engage in Galamsey after hearing about the sudden death of over 10 miners in the Eastern region. According to the reactions from the concerned heartbroken Ghanaians, no is expected to engage in illegal mining or unprofessional mining if they truly love themselves.

Reactions from Ghanaians shows how heartbroken and devastated about the bad news, which involved the death of 10 different miners. We could recollect that, some numbers of miners where said to have been missing after falling into the Galamsey pit.

However, after some serious and thorough search, they were all found lifeless. This particular bad news touched the heart of so many Ghanaians, and this made many to react emotionally due to how heartbreaking the whole incident took place.

The lifeless bodies of the miners were packed on the ground and this left many in tears. Although details of all the dead miners were not revealed, and their bodies was taken to a nearby mortuary.

Please let’s not engage in any unprofessional or illegal mining.

May the deceased souls Rest In Peace.