4 Most Sensitive Parts Of A Woman You Shouldn't Trigger With If You Are Not In Love With Her.


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A woman's body comprises of more sensitive parts as compared to that of a man. This is why you should take note of those parts and avoid triggering them if you know you are not in love with her otherwise she will end up falling for you madly.

On the other hand, if you happen to be someone who has fallen deeply for a lady and also wants her to do the same, then this is a very big opportunity for you to read this article and get educated about some of her sensitive parts you shouldn't leave behind during romance.

1.The neck; A woman's neck is one of her most sensitive parts. If you do not have feelings and dreams to make her your wife, do not go deep into her neck area during a romance or lovemaking otherwise she will easily fall for you.

2. Ears; As many might not know, a woman's ear is also another sensitive part in her. The ears excites her the most during love making. Be careful of how you engage them.

3. The hair; A woman's hair is also another sensitive part in her that should be taken note of. Do not touch a woman's hair if you are not in love with her.

4. "Her chest"; One of the important and sensitive part of a woman is her "chest". Any little trigger on it sparks her up. Continuous triggering on her chest can easily make her fall for you because to her, you give her all the joy she wants.

These are the four most sensitive parts of a woman you shouldn't trigger with if you are not in love with her.

If you happen to know another sensitive part in a woman, kindly tell us in the comments section below. Thank you.

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