What's the Number One Reason People Can't Find Love

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The number one reason people can't find love may seem obvious. Yet, it is a problem for everyone. If it were that obvious, no one would do it. The number one reason people can't find love is because they don't listen.

I'm sure most believe they are listening. In a way, we are taught to pretend to listen. People believe listening means you are making eye contact and you are quiet. For the record, most are not quiet. They cut the other person off every time they don't like what they hear. As for others, they are listening to respond. Still others are listening and comparing what is being said with what they have heard in the past. In either case, they are not listening to understand the speaker. If you notice, few questions are asked. When they are, it is to invalidate what is being communicated.

When you don't listen, it is unlikely you will understand them. The bigger question is: what are people listening to when someone is speaking to them? In many cases, people do not realize they are listening to belief systems they inherited from their environment. That causes them to make judgments without taking into consideration what they are really hearing.

There are so many cases when two people are compatible. Except, they cannot see it because they are not listening. They may believe the person does not fit their image. At the same time, most times people are not compatible. However, they miss that fact because they were not listening. In those cases, they may believe the person meets shallow criteria.

Believe it or not, people really need to be trained to listen. In our current social structure, it is not taught.

What do you think? I would love to hear your feedback. And I'm open to ideas.

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