Current Situation In India As More Countries Pledge For Support


The emergence of the second wave of covid-19 disease in India has continued to hit the country hard. Foreign countries are however continuing sending help and support to the country that consists of more than a billion people. Hospitals are running out of oxygen and beds as new patient's are being sent back.

It is said that India it's losing at least 120 peoples per hour due to covid-19 and it may worsen more as time goes by if not controlled early. The cases have already transversed 20 million after 357,000 more infections were recorded. Also, more 3,449 fatalities were recorded within 24 hours today. The most confirmed cases are in Maharashtra which has so far reported nearly 4.8 million cases.

India now becomes the second country in the world in terms of covid-19 infections after United States which has at least 32.4 million covid-19 infections. According to the India's Health Ministry, at least 222,408 people have died as cremations continued to take place everywhere.

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