From Family Meeting to Police Van: How 27-year-old Cornelius was stabbed on Accra-Kumasi Highway


Cornelius Tamakloe, a 27-year-old SHS graduate and Okada rider has been stabbed and killed on the Amasaman-Kumasi Highway (Accra-Kumasi Highway).

The unfortunate incident, according to eyewitnesses, confirmed by Joy News, happened on Monday dawn, July 12, 2021.

The deceased, per the account of some people who were at the scene, was a very humble and harmless young man.

Alex Tamakloe, the brother of the deceased, disclosed to Joy News that he was last seen yesterday in the evening (July 11, 2021) at a family meeting, but unfortunately met his untimely death this dawn.

Cornelius' friend also added that, he met his friend during the Italy: English Match last night at a filing station. According to him, they occasionally met to chill and talk about life events and share their joy, successes and challenges together.

His demeanor at the scene clearly indicated that indeed, he has lost a good friend.

A sister of Cornelius further disclosed that, per what she heard from first eyewitnesses, her brother was stabbed somewhere, but managed to sit on his motorbike, and tried hard to drive to the hospital for medical support but unfortunately lost a lot of blood so he died on the way.

Meanwhile, police personnel have come to the scene, and retrieved the body to the station for further Investigative processes.

Clearly, the motorbike the deceased was driving had a stain of blood on it, which indicates that he really struggled before he died.

Some believe that Cornelius was stabbed and killed by some unknown armed robbers.