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Do you want to get rid of boredom today then try reading to the end and your day wouls be amazing, dont blame me if you laughed too much though.

1. Internet addiction

AKPOS: I Have Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Yahoo, Tumblr, Msn, Skype and G-Talk.

FRIEND: Dude, do you have a life?

AKPOS: OMG! No! Send me the link.

2. The stupid Bet

One day Akpos and John were watching T.V when the news came on, showing a man standing on a bridge about to commit suicide, suddenly Apkos said "I'll bet N500 that the guy won't jump off", John said I bet N500 that he will jump.

Unfortunately for Akpos the man jumped off the bridge, Akpos accepted his fate and stretched forth the money but John didn't take it, saying "I can't take the money coz I cheated, I already saw the news this morning" but Akpos insisted and said "no you can take it, I cheated too, I also watched the news this morning, I just din't know the guy will be stupid enough to jump again!"

3. The Missing Purse

Akpos returns a missing purse to the owner in a market. The lady was so

grateful but when she looked inside the purse, she got confused and said,

"but I had just a single note of N1000 but, now there are ten notes of N100, how come?" 

Akpos said "na me change am, because the last time I help person find purse she say she for give me something but change no dey! So I changed it".

4. Suicidal Thoughts

Akpos' sister Bimbo took a rope to commit sucide

AKPOS: Ah ah bimbo y d rope. 

BIMBO: I wan hang myself jor! 

AKPOS: Why all the makeups then. 

BIMBO: Are you mad, don't you know my face will b in d papers tomorrow.

5. Zain to Airtel

TEACHER: Why did Zain change to Airtel? AKPOS: Bcos Yoruba people kept calling it 'Sane'.

6. The Whole Part

Interviewer: Where were you born?

Akpos: Punjab.

Interviewer: Which part?

Akpos: What do you mean which part? The whole body was born in Punjab.

7. When you asked your babe to cook for you after giving her 10k and she cooked 5 packets of indome and pour one spoon full of salt, you would belike.

8. Who still remember this moment when he said...

9. Nigerian Marvela Cinematic Heroes

10. Naija girls!!

11. Like seriously i think this will work.

12. African mom's be like.

13. Some people are just stupid in complexion.

14. This one week me sha.

15. They would be forming anyhow.

16. "Nah to just shut up and walk away"

17. Stop rough play you will not hear now they are calling your name in the village

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