You can not arrest Kwaku Bonsam, Nana Agradaa, Rev.Obofour and Co. - Austin Woode


The emotional talk of Ghanaians arose some days ago when the Kasoa murder scandal arose. Many have added their thoughts to the ongoing fraudulent acts on television.

The outrageous healing ways practised by pastors, the doubling of money, Sika Gari, giving lotto numbers to people who pay money before provision.

These acts have bothered Ghanaians for a long time but no one took the bold step to talk about this issue until the rise in the recent case.

The current revelation has been the law enacted against such acts in the Criminal Act Law Section 137.

Section 137—Charlatanic Advertisements in Newspapers.

The publication in any journal or newspaper of any advertisement or notice relating to fortune-telling, palmistry, astrology, or the use of any subtle craft, means, or device, whereby it is sought to deceive or impose on any member of the public, or which is calculated or likely to deceive or impose on any member of the public, is illegal; and the editors, publishers, proprietors, and printers of any journal or newspaper in which any such advertisement or notice as aforesaid is published shall each severally be liable to a fine not exceeding ¢500,000.

According to Austin Woode of LUV FM 99.5 in Kumasi, the word deceive or imposed in the law is relational.

"Some people go to these people and come back to claim that they have gotten their healing and whatsoever they wanted.

"So I ask my self, how do you get to know that they intend to deceive their customers. It is the victims who can lead to the arrest of these people.

"If not, none of these guys can be arrested." - Austin Woode