Don't Blame The Mother For Her Daughter's Death, Maternity Leave Is Just 3 Months-Ama Abebrese Advises


.Upon the the death of little Allegra Yaba Mensah, the 11 month old baby girl at her daycare school, many are pointing accusing fingers at the mother for sending her little princess to school. They have indicated that she should have taken care of her at home for at least a couple of years before. They have drawn conclusion that the mother is solely responsible and should to be blamed.

Others also hold a different view and have indicated that their opinion is based on their level of experience. There are instances where a mother has no choice than to seek an alternative means just to make survival a little easier for the betterment of the future of the child. It's also part of the sacrifices of a woman of virtue.

No lazy woman will pay an extra money for a mother-care home to cater for her child just for fun. It's unfortunate the CCTV camera which is meant to save life couldn't play it role. The mother need not to blame. She is a hero trying to make the best out of her child.

If things don't go well with children mothers get blamed immediately. But the moment the children become useful to society, then some of these men want to be entitled to the children's success. It's pathetic and sickening. Both parents are responsible for their children. Mind you, the women trying to chase money aren't doing that for selfish reasons but also trying to give the children better life.

Finally, others proposed that If your company can employ and pay career women huge sums of salary insist that they have a nursery at the workplace so that you bring your child to work. They don't see why a company will pay you so much salary yet can't dedicate a single room with washroom and two staffers to help nursing mothers who work with them. That's the best way to strike a perfect balance in these issues.

Then again Ama K. Abebrese one Ghana's top notch actress has written lengthy on the subject and shared her sentiments. The truth of the matter is that nobody should point a finger at the mother because the period for maternity leave is just 3 months. This and many points were made to clarify her stance on the issue. Above is her Facebook post.