He Was The First Person To Call Me When I Lost My Seat - Murtala Mohammed Reveals


The Member of Parliament for Tamale Central Constituency, Murtala Mohammed, has disclosed that when he lost Nanton Constituency in the 2016 Elections, the first person who called him was Afenyo Markins.

Murtala Mohammed made this disclosure on 'Good Morning Ghana' on Metro television this morning, 4th June 2021, when he made the case that despite the sometimes heated arguments they have as Political Parties Communicators on TV, most of them are friends behind the scenes.

"When I lost my seat in 2016, the first person to call me was Honourable Afenyo Markins, followed by other NPP persons before my colleagues in the NDC started calling me. They called me when they realized that I've lost the elections.

These are people who are supposed to be seen by a large section of the public as enemies of Murtala Mohammed because we belong to different Political Parties are my friends." - he said

He added that everybody in Parliament knew the relationship between Afenyo Markins and himself. They are good friends. So, that is how our Politics should be like, they may have different views and positions, but that doesn't make them enemies.

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