Kenyans in Trouble As MOH Declares Inadequacy of these Essential Public Facilities Countrywide


Since the emergency of covid-19 pendamic in Kenya last year March, many sectors have been affected in one way or another. For instance, most industries and factories has been closed or numbers of workers have been reduced as measures of controlling the spread of coronavirus.

According to KTN News, Kenya as a country is experiencing shortages of medical gloves and condoms. The last time Kenya Medical Supplies Authority supplied these facilities to hospitals was in May when a batch of 500 packets was delivered. The Global Fund United usually finance Kenya to receive 180 million condoms annually.

However, the main reason for shortges of these facilities is due to Covid-19 pendamic which has greatly affected factories that produces condoms like Malaysia. Therefore, if hospitals will continue experiencing shortages of condoms, then Kenyans should expect rapid spread of sexual transmission diseases like HIV/AIDS and gonorrhea in near future. Furthermore cases of early pregnancy among youths will also be on high rate.

Therefore, ministry of health in conjunction with national government and World Health Organization should respond immediately by finding ways of supplying medical gloves and condoms in all hospitals countrywide to prevent further spread of STIs and early pregnancy among youths.

Do you say about inadequacy of medical gloves and condoms in hospitals? And what is the best solution the ministry of health should do? Drop your opinion in comment section.

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