Meet Charles Egbu, The Igbo Man That is Making Nigeria Proud In The United Kingdom

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For a while now, we have been hearing great and encouraging stories about Nigerians abroad, stories that makes us proud of our country. These good stories are slowly covering up the bad stories people heard about us, it is closing the bad image some bad eggs have given us abroad.

It is a great thing when you hear that one Nigerian that is Abroad, has done something worth celebrating. It is good actually recognize these great people once in awhile, it's not Everytime that we will be talking about bad things.

Charles Egbu is a Nigerian Man from Abatete, in the North of Idemili, in Anambra State, he lives in the United Kingdom and he has been making Nigerians proud ever since. Lets take a look at all his achievements there;

1. Charles Egbu is known as the first Black Professor, that is heading a University in United Kingdom(Leeds Trinity University), this is to show how brilliant he is.

2. Charles Egbu was also once known as the pro-vice-chancellor, this was at the University of East London.

3. He was also the Dean at the school of Built Environment and Architecture, this is in the University of London South Bank.

4. He was also earned the Freedom of the London City, when he was admitted into the Worshipful Company of Constructors.

5. Charles Egbu has achieved alot, he also used to be the president of the Chartered Institute of Building.

6. Charles was once the member of London Design And Engineering, and a Governor there.

There are many more achievements of his not listed above, but from the ones I mentioned, you can see that he is really making us proud Abroad. Nigerians need more of such individuals, someone that will make us proud and happy.

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