Farmers Outsmart Nairobi Businessmen With Latest Venture


Brokers are said to be making millions without breaking a sweat something that pastoralists who get their hands dirty are quick to finish.

The pastoralists have sent the Nairobi Farmers' Market, located along Kiambu Road, which will only be used by pastoralists to prevent the mediators.

Prof Dominic Mwenja, a pastoralist and Executive Director of the University of California Mirama Kenya, found that deployment is important for improving food production in the country.

Jeff Mundia, who is the General Manager of the Market, found that the transaction was intended to carry financial professionals close to buyers. He further found that by dismissing the agents, the attempt ensured that the costs remained high, with the remaining shares of the stock even from time to time.

Another auctioneer who has slowed down in the market found that his organization deals with housing from where it gets its products. "All the produce you buy from us comes directly from the breeders.

That way, you get a better price and more you get the ability to follow. and a comparison test. A collection of brokers found billions ready to take over the known market.

Traders are unregistered and unregistered agents doing their expertise in unregulated and casual business sectors middle and go as a connection to the end customer later making a piece of money all the time.