Twenty Six Scary Movies You can't Finish Watching

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Well to Begin with, I have seen almost all horror movies in present and

past decade. So if you are asking which is the scariest movie of all then

the answer depends on what is "Horror" according to you.

Horror movies are broadly categorized into two types.

1> Paranormal

2> Non-paranormal (Slasher,psychocological,situational etc.)

For movies with paranormal entities, some of my favourites are the

following(Listed in order of scare quotient)

1> The Conjuring (2013)

2> The Grudge Trilogy

3> The Messengers (2007)

4> The shutter (2004) Thai version

5> Drag me to hell 2009

6> it follows

Many are there but just listing the best ones according to me.

Now comes my favourite genre which is Gore fest (Because i find it scariest).This includes movies with serial killers or bloody gory graphics.

1> Saw series (all 7 movies)

2> Hills have Eyes Trilogy

3> Texas chainsaw massacre (Remake versions i.e. 2003-2013)

4> Hostel (1&2)

5> Wrong Turn (1&2)

6> Joy ride (1&2)

7> The Devil's Rejects (2005)

8> Final Destination series

9> Cabin fever(2002)

10> I spit on your Grave(Remake 1&2,though original was also good)

11> 2001 Maniacs(2005)

12> The Thaw

List goes on...

There are some situational or psychological horror movies which are good to watch.

1> Eden Lake (2008)(1 of my favourite..really scared me)

2> Mother's day(2010)

3> The girl next door(2007)

4> Funny games(2007)

5> The Orphan

6> The last house on left

Now there are some movies which falls under horror category but i would rather call them sick movies.Watching these can make you really sick for a day or two with disgust.

1> The human centipede

2> The serbian film

That’s all for now..Will keep adding as i recall.

P.S. Not a fan of classics so haven't listed those out..Though there are some great movies made in their respective era but the effects seems to be outdated in modern times.

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