Humanitarian Cop says this to Critics on not being Promoted after 18 Years of Service


A police officer who is soo pasionate on helping the needy in the society has faced critism from the public on why he has not received any promotion for the past 18 years of his service to the National police.

Sammy ondimu is popularly know for his humanitarian activities and his social media activeness in shaping the morals of the society. His life is open as he can be easily traced through his Facebook page.

He recently revealed this through his Facebook page, "Today I celebrate 18 years in the Police service. A month like this, I reported to my first station Kapsowar which is in Elgeyo Marakwet country. I thank God for my family sana sana my dear Nellie Ondimu my beautiful 3Gs, my Dad Ngare, my colleagues and friends who have always supported me"

He thanked his dear wife for being his pilar of support through his service. But this never sounded well with some Netizens questioning why he has not grown in ranks through the years.

In response he said he is more than comfortable serving in his position citing that responsibilities in the police service is more hectic.

Promotion in police service is not directly attributed to the number of years of service. This has lead to many cops landing in depression trying to grow through the ranks. For sammy he seems to live today not being concerned about his career growth.

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