Erica Shows Off Funny Looking Outfits She Plans To Wear On Her 27th Birthday & Her Fans Feel Bad


Big brother naija reality TV star forthcoming 27th birthday has become the best topic of discussion, with fans and followers anticipating the most important thing that might take place that place.

A lot of preparation has been made by her loyal fans (The Elite League) for the star to have a lavish birthday celebration,on the 13th of March which will be on a Saturday. The Elites went as far as contributing money ,otherwise themed as P27 to raise fund for a pompous birthday gift for their favorite star Girl.

Few hours ago, the birthday celebrant took to her twitter page to give hint on the type of clothes, she wishes to wear on that day.

The post which she captions "Birthday outfit and after party inspiration"

The post was not really funny to so many of her followers ,as they began to address her choice of clothes ,asking her not to disgrace them by wearing such outfits to her party.

I really hope Erica will surprise everyone with her fashion sense and dresses on her 27th birthday.


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