Why do they carry guns to the mosque -Netizens questions indiscriminate shooting at Eid prayers

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It was a sad spectacle yesterday at Aboabo, a town in the Ashanti region, when indiscriminate gunshots after Eid-ul-Alda prayer session left the aged and young running higgledy-piggledy for their lives. Sadly, a stray bullet from the gunshots left 16 year old, Abdul-Gafar Kassim dead and several others sustaining severe injuries. The perpetrator narrowly escaped unseen due to the tumult scene the gunshot created, however police began investigations afterwards and latest news claims, some suspects have been arrested.

According to the soundbites from the suspected gun wielding men, the guns were legally registered and deliberately brought to the event, in a bid to brandish and not to shoot anyone. They further revealed that, the gun ended up in the hands of an inexperienced user, who inadvertently fired it into the crowd causing the casualties.

The incident raised several questions yesterday, as to why some of them sent guns to the sacred event and what might have provoked the shooter to vent his frustration in that manner. The event which was suppose to provide an avenue for the attendees, to pray to Allah and to socialize with each other strengthening their brotherhood, rather turned into gun brandishing and murder site. Take a look at what netizens had to say about the matter. 

This is not the first time a chaos has erupted at an Eid event( Bole in 2019) and going forward, measures must be taken to beef up the security at mosques to ensure the safety of the worshippers are guaranteed.

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