Apple MacBook Air with Retina Display may have Anti-Reflective Coating Issues

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Earlier this week, Apple acknowledged that its MacBook Air models with the Retina display can have issues with its anti reflective coating. The issue was addressed via an internal memo that the Cupertino based giant shared with Apple’s authorized service providers.

According to the official statement, “Retina displays on some MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro computers can exhibit anti-reflective (AR) coating issues.” In other words, the issue affects the Retina displays of a few MacBook, MacBook Air, and even MacBook Pro models. The official internal service documentation for the problem previously only mentioned MacBook Pro and the now discontinued 12 inch MacBook models that featured the Retina display.

However, the MacBook Air is now included in at least two different places. Apple had originally featured the Retina display technology on the MacBook Air series back in 2018 and it has since become a staple since. The important note now is whether Apple is open to fixing the models that are affected for free. The company has a free repair program that generally fixes or replaces models affected with anti reflective issues. However, it remains to be seen if at all the MacBook Air will also be included in the list.

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