(Photos) Between Audi, Benz, Range Rover And Bentley, Which Car Has The Best And Finest Interior?

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Cars used to be primarily for transportation, but gradually we saw that customers started shifting their attention to other qualities of this machine. For example, people have different reasons why they go for their favourite cars. Some people just want a car that will be durable and dependable, this set of people do not like changing cars here and there.

And we have other people who consider the nature of the road to their residential areas, before they choose their type of cars. Someone that lives in an area where the roads are very terrible, often go for rugged cars like Nissan Xterra, Toyota pathfinder, highlander among many others.

However, today we will be shifting focus to the interior of theses cars, at least, this is what some guys use in impressing some gullible girls. We have chosen 4 exotic and top automobile manufacturers, and we have decided to see which of them has the best interior design.

1. Audi

This German automobile manufacturer has taken its interior design to the next level. This company is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen group. See more of their interior designs below.

2. Benz

When I remember the name 'Benz', what comes to my mind is a ring of words, EFCC, Yahoo boys, Yahoo Plus, and so on. I do not need to talk much, we all know what I am talking about. Benz is the first of them all because Karl Benz (the original and first owner), was the first man to manufacture and commercialize a car. See more of their interior designs below.

3. Range Rover

Range Rover is perceived as the car for the luxury class individuals. This manufacturer is from the United Kingdom. Check out more interior designs from the brand below.

4. Bentley

This is a subsidiary company of Volkswagen too. Check out some of their interior designs below.

Now, that you have seen them all, which one would you go for, if you are asked to choose?

Comment below your response, thank you.

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