Police Laxity Blamed For Robbery of 12 Homes in Keroka by Machete Weilding Gang at Night

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This is one of those things that should never happen in the society now. This because police stations are now almost everywhere and they can always get to a crime scene in record time.

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The people of Keroka Town in Nyamira County are counting losses but thanking God for life. A machete weilding gang robbed about 12 houses in the sleepy town of Keroka and made away with a lot of money.

They intimidated the residents and demanded that they should give them money or be killed. Residents who had the money gave it to them while those that didn't were threatened with blows from clubs that they carried.

Amos Marina, the County Commissioner said that the thugs came in around midnight and by 2AM they had left. This is unacceptable as two hours was ample time for a response from police.

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Residents that were robbed gave testimonies and said that the gang took their time and that police could have helped them. The injured were treated for minor cuts and blows and released from hospital.

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