Famous Celebrities Who Recognizes Cristiano Ronaldo As Their Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) Player

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1. Anthony Joshua

The British professional boxer, who won silver during the world championships, too, happens to be a great fan of the Portuguese. In fact, Joshua considers him as one of his inspirations. “He’s the don. It’s just the little things he does. He will train by himself afterwards to work on what he wants to do on the pitch. I was speaking to Rio Ferdinand who said he was the only one in the team that had masseuses, nutritionists, and psychologists so he had the desire,” he had said some time back.

2. Jennifer Lopez

Cristiano Ronaldo is friends with one of the biggest talents in the music industry, Jennifer Lopez. There was a time when Jennifer Lopez Posed With Cristiano Ronaldo! Jennifer Lopez decided to show up to support Real Madrid football game along with her man Casper Smart and they also went into the dressing room to meet Cristiano Ronaldo.

3. Rihanna

Rihanna have previously been seen with CR7 and when she was asked about her relationship with Ronaldo, She Said: "I have lots of gay friends and I support sexual diversify." Believe me I know this comment must have come as a surprise to Cristiano Ronald and it did me.

4. Rafael Nadal

Check out what Nadal wrote about CR7 ahead of the Ballon dOr ceremony, where Ronaldo won his third. I want to congratulate you on the year youve had. I consider your drive and desire to improve on a daily basis a fantastic example for the younger generations. Congratulations on a great career. Im grateful to you,.

5. Priyanka Chopra

The Indian actress and a supermodel Priyanka Chopra is big fan of Ronaldo. When the actress had visited Miami, Florida back in the 2013 summer to promote her song “Exotic”, she hosted a party! Cristiano Ronaldo, Paolo Maldini, Ricardo Kaka and Sami Khedira were just some of the stars present at the party. But of all pictures, she only posted hers with Ronaldo.

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