The reason why Moti brothers were found in Vuwani left everyone in shock

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Last night Police received a call from a local resident in Vuwani saying that the #MotiBrothers had arrived at their house after being dropped off on a nearby road. Police arranged a doctor who confirmed that the children are in good health before handed to their parents.

Police say the children also appeared to be in high spirits during the reunion with their parents. The children have not yet been interviewed but today investigators will arrange for the SAPS psychologists to assist with that

If this story was on Discovery, those children would have been interviewed, child protection involved and would not be handed over to the parents until the detectives are satisfied

They were never gone to begin with. Some things just don’t add up…. we South Africans have enquiring minds and we can smell BS from a mile away.

Thank God the Brother are all well, South Africans I haven't stop praying Folded handsI am still praying for a united society S A, in God I trust Folded handsLord Thank You , I'm Greatful for your Grace and Mercy today

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